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91. How and Why To Befriend Your Body Episode 91

91. How and Why To Befriend Your Body

It’s time for us to reconnect to our bodies. It seems like such a simple concept, but many of us are not looking inward and creating that deep and loving connection with our bodies. You will never achieve a sustainable level of health if you don’t get in touch with your inner self and shift the context of your health journey inwards. Even the most profound of external sources are processed within, we just need to learn to source that power and become inspired. Spend time with your body every day and empower yourself with compassion and love!

· 23:18

🤱 It's easier to connect with nature than with our own body: observe how we're taught unconsciously to disconnect, to look outward. 00:32
🥰 To have a deep sustainable level of health, you need to befriend your body: our body is a source of everything we need. 03:58
⛪ We source everything from within ourselves - we can read the Bible, but we connect with God inwardly, and creativity comes from within you: body, mind, and soul are all one - if you hurt your body, you hurt your whole self. 06:01
✅ The only reason you wouldn’t want to be your best is if you think you can't, and that is the lie: if you don't befriend your body, that hurts you and slows you down. 09:41
❤️ Spend time with yourself every day: your mind has an infinite capacity to love your body. 11:17
🏆 Pull in a mantra and use the words that feel good to you: loving and nurturing yourself is a path to achievement. 13:40
💜 Nobody has to give me validation - it's coming from me. 15:49
🥳 It's not hard to do this - you can join our community, interact with other women and develop your skills for free. 17:48
👭 It's all you-based, and we're here to hold hands and give inspiration and empowerment: food needs to be simple and whole. 19:17
🤗 You can do it on your own with all the free stuff or take things to another, more intimate level. 21:22

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