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90. Dr. Renu Mansukhani - Obesity as a Medical Condition Episode 90

90. Dr. Renu Mansukhani - Obesity as a Medical Condition

Obesity is a medical condition and not a matter of willpower or fault. Dr. Renu Mansukhani is an obesity medicine physician who provides personalized care for patients who are suffering from obesity. It’s time we become more compassionate and understanding and stop defining people by their medical condition just because there is an identifiable physical aspect to it. As modern medicine and education progress, we are now certain that obesity is a disease caused by a “perfect storm” of factors in a person’s life. It’s imperative that we abandon the industry of victimizing marketing and dangerous products that target people who are suffering, and instead offer them safe, personalized, and holistic approaches to improving their health. Help reduce stigma and spread kindness by abandoning your biases and showing compassion to one another!

· 45:25

👩‍⚕️ Why Dr. Renu, an endocrinologist, chose to be an obesity medicine physician. 03:25
❗ Obesity is not an intrinsic characteristic: we don't say somebody is cancer, yet, we say somebody is obese - it's not a personality flaw! 10:51
✅ The weight problem is multifactorial - it has genetic, biological, psychological, lifestyle, and environmental components. 14:07
👉 "If I had $1 for every time someone told me to eat less and move more..." - it's not people's fault that they’re dealing with obesity. 19:57
🎯 Dr. Renu's medical history form is 15 pages long - it's essential to listen and know what to focus on. 23:16
✔️ Sometimes it's more about improving health and feeling better than losing weight. 27:47
💊 A little bit about drugs - there are many meds people can use to lose weight if they qualify. 31:37
💸 It's ideal to go to a physician who specializes in your illness, or a primary care physician that you trust: the Hollywood approach is the scariest part. 35:09
🤑 A greedy industry victimizes people: for some people using meds can make lifestyle changes easier. 40:45
❤️ Dealing with obesity and being overweight is a holistic process that can be a source of growth. 43:35

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