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92. Linda Clarkson, MS LPC - Help Your Brain Create Healthy Neural Pathways Episode 92

92. Linda Clarkson, MS LPC - Help Your Brain Create Healthy Neural Pathways

You can change your negative inner self-talk into healthy inner self-love. Linda Clarkson is a licensed professional mental health counselor who shares her journey of discovering her negative neural pathways and explains how we can do the same. If you have ever found yourself making excuses and using them as a reason to not move forward in life, you may need to look inward and change your narrative. We can carry negative inner narratives from our childhood into our adult life and any negative criticisms we received as kids can be holding us back today. You can boost your self-worth and confidence by taking a therapeutic approach to restructuring your ancient negative self-talk into healthy, positive affirmations. It can be a long journey, but finding your inner self-compassion can ease your suffering, and we all deserve it!

· 39:13

💡 Linda used her weight loss issue as an excuse not to love herself: discovering a connection with inner narratives/self-talk. 02:57
🧒 It's a fool's errand to be searching for worthiness externally or in your physical appearance: it all goes back to our childhood history. 09:20
🎓 Linda explored her inner child over several years of cognitive work and reiki: becoming a master of mental health counseling in her 60s. 10:22
🧠 From a young age, our brain is recording everything and creates neural pathways that become patterned and automatic: that's why we bring our childhood history into our adult lives. 13:15
🥳 Neuroplasticity allows us to change negative self-talk to healthy, positive ones: we can't make new pathways in a week, but fear and guilt shouldn't stop us. 17:55
⏳ Procrastination is a way of sidetracking us from what is significant and timely to do. 22:12
🕰️ We need radical acceptance to be able to change: you can develop new neural pathways through a structured process. 23:59
✅ Process realizing that you are worthy of it: the 2 approaches you can try on this path. 27:37
❤️ Practice gratitude, at least toward nature and stuff you like. 31:04
🥰 We're all worthy of living a happy, healthy life: take any small step. 35:06

👉 Connect with Linda: www.lindaclarksonlpc.com
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