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89. The Mental & Emotional Journey of Fertility Issues Episode 89

89. The Mental & Emotional Journey of Fertility Issues

Reexamine your core beliefs to help tackle the mental and emotional impact of struggles like infertility. Emily Jurries is a licensed mental health counselor who shares her experience and challenges with fertility. Trying to get pregnant comes with a lot of health-related stigmas and can end up being an isolating and challenging journey. We can use tools like mantras, meditation, and support from others to build the emotional resilience we need to achieve a positive mindset shift. Find meditative self-care techniques that really resonate with you, don’t settle for false positivity. Challenge your own negativity and be grateful for your body!

· 34:39

🤗 It's important how we approach infertility mentally and physically: this shouldn't be an isolating journey - the more you talk, the less isolated you feel. 03:19
🎯 Challenge your core beliefs that there's something wrong with you or you're not enough. 09:05
💭 Helpful and nonhelpful core beliefs come from a compilation of everything in our lives, and we're usually unaware of them: it takes a lot of work to be aware and pick them apart. 11:17
❤️ Mantras help manage uncertainties and discomfort: everything is an opportunity - shift towards learning and gratitude. 16:32
✅ Find mantras that resonate with you: it’s hard for the mind and body to accept false positivity - build a relationship with it. 23:05
🧘‍♀️ Meditation is a key practice that gives you some distance from your thoughts and feelings and helps us stop feeling trapped: it helps in our relationships with other people as well. 26:41

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