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86. Karen Taylor Bass -  Give Yourself Permission To Be You Episode 86

86. Karen Taylor Bass - Give Yourself Permission To Be You

Being a better you is a choice you can make every day. Karen Taylor Bass is a global wellness expert who teaches clients how to be the best version of themselves. The key to being and feeling like your best self can be as simple as giving yourself permission to feel free. Take the time to work through your needs and create positive changes to your inner landscape with meditative self-care. It’s time for us to choose ourselves first, and communicate what we need and who we are without fear and anxiety. Embrace freedom and give yourself permission to be your most authentic self!

· 40:10

❤️ Allowing yourself to feel seen - you have permission to just be: Karen's three words for living authentically in 2023. 02:39
🌬️ Allow yourself to not feel good: we can breathe our way into shit! 05:19
💪 Freedom is rewriting the information we put in our brains - we have a choice. 10:32
🧘‍♀️ Life is stressful, but you have to choose yourself first: disappointments can be yummy & meditation starts with me. 15:46
🥰 The way you treat yourself is the way other people will treat you - love the skin that you're in: take the time to work through your stuff. 19:01
👩‍🎤 We deserve to be healthy and have it all: we should talk to ourselves with colorful words - some days we're rockstars & some days we're an extra. 23:38
✅ It's all about perspective and choosing a growth mindset: healing is sharing and movement. 28:16
💆‍♀️ Our mental health is under attack - take the time to be still: what separates us from the nonliving is breath. 31:42
💃 We need to change our inner dialog and let emotions out: there's only one version of you - why not make it amazing? 35:29

👉 Connect with Karen: www.karentaylorbass.com 
🌸 Natural Weight Loss and Wellness: www.wynweightloss.com 
🎙️ Book Jill to speak: www.jillcruz.com 


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