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87.  Are You Humming in All Areas of Your Life? Episode 87

87. Are You Humming in All Areas of Your Life?

Being successful in all aspects of life can be tough, but you deserve it. People seem to inherently hold on to the belief that it’s impossible to “have it all”, to the point that they subconsciously sabotage themselves when they begin to really prosper. This is a tough lesson to learn, but we have to convince ourselves that we really do deserve it and we need to stay vigilant and inspired to move forward. Awareness and self-love are crucial for our journey up the mountain of success, so be forgiving and keep taking positive steps forward. Learn to prioritize yourself and your happiness and you can achieve anything!

· 23:49

✅ We can have it all. 00:29
👉 The upper limit problem explains how we sabotage ourselves: it's not about perfection, it’s about things going well and doing better. 02:38
❗ When something is recurring in your life, there's a reason - a beautiful lesson. 04:53
✌️ Flip the script, and ask yourself the right questions: two questions to focus on. 06:51
☑️ We move everything for our priorities. 08:53
💪 Make it happen with a very strong WHY: know you deserve this. 10:20
🎯 You can have it all: but you set the bar for yourself. 12:25
🪞 Am I improving?: be realistic, so when you get that evidence, you get confidence. 14:54
🥳 Success is an internal job - what am I thinking all day?: meditate and have fun with the lessons. 17:00
🧗‍♀️You define what you want to have: a little self-sabotage is a part of climbing that mountain. 19:00
🥰 Be nice to yourself - you deserve that. 21:09

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