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83. Andi Locke Mears - Germanic Healing Knowledge Episode 83

83. Andi Locke Mears - Germanic Healing Knowledge

Trusting your body could be the key to overcoming disease. Andi Locke Mears is a holistic practitioner who works with and educates people about Germanic Healing Knowledge. The fundamentals of GHK begin in understanding that all forms of illness begin with a traumatic experience in our lives. Recognizing these “biological conflict shocks” and how our body autonomously resolves them is an essential part of getting healthy. Many aspects of western medicine like invasive procedures or even a distressing diagnosis can be part of the problem according to this practice. Manage your fears and explore the alternative healing practices of Germanic Healing Knowledge!

· 37:59

🇩🇪 German New Medicine is a native cultural tradition: people with the same traumas have the same diseases. 02:23
🤧 All living beings have this circadian rhythm: we have the sick phase that comes after the conflict-active phase and then we have a scaring phase. 09:52
🏥 We have an entire system of medicine based on fear: use the aliphatic system smartly. 13:15
🦠 Few biological laws - all diseases begin with a conflict shock; there are 2 phases of every disease. 15:07
❓ Are emotions a part of healing or a track? 18:50
💡 Practice fear management instead of pain management: downgrading fear & making a connection to the cause:20:16
🤯 Metastases don't exist - shock starts new programs: we're brainwashed to accept invasive and archaic procedures. 23:22
🤰 Jill's mom lead a birth education class - question the status quo. 25:57
🍼 Trust your body: formula feeding is the beginning of the end of trust in our bodies. 27:50
✅ Find a conflict shock and resolve the biological process: it's fine to not be ready. 30:05
👉 The fundamental law & practice of nutrition is that whole food is superior to processed: pay attention to your body. 32:03
❤️ Find your path & learn the knowledge. 34:02

👉 Connect with Andi: www.ghk-pilharacademy.com
✅ Natural Weight Loss and Wellness: www.wynweightloss.com
🎙️ Book Jill to speak: www.jillcruz.com


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