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82. Svetlana Chamoun - Tackling The Business Of Burnout Episode 82

82. Svetlana Chamoun - Tackling The Business Of Burnout

Your health may be at risk because your doctor’s health is being systemically undermined. Svetlana Chamoun is a cardiologist who practices lifestyle medicine and is raising awareness for burnout in the medical system. Western healthcare as a whole has evolved in an unfortunate direction, fueled by profit over compassion. Doctors are incentivized by business models that reward treating larger numbers of patients with expensive procedures and medications. Due to these conditions, many medical professionals are suffering from mental health issues and dangerous degrees of burnout. Remember to be kind and compassionate to your doctors, they are humans too!

· 45:51

👩‍⚕️ From cardiology to lifestyle medicine: healthy lifestyle changes can prevent 85% of chronic diseases. 02:50
🔥 Before covid, 50% of healthcare workers had burnout: the upcoming potential shortage of physicians is in the hundreds of 1000s. 08:37
💀 Beware Karoshi syndrome - death by overworking and the societal effects of burnout. 13:14
💲 Physicians are employees of the for-profit system. 17:15
🤹 Physicians are stuck between healing models & business models. 21:30
❤️ About Svetlana's work: be empathetic to your physician, and tell them about this! 24:24
🥼 Mental health is stigmatized in the medical profession - they are trained to neglect their needs, and resilience doesn't help, but empathy can. 27:23
✅ Svetlana educates medical workers and healthcare administrators about burnout, practical solutions, and monitoring & reducing burnout in real time. 30:38
❗ You can test for burnout with questionnaires: it's important to recognize the type of burnout, react in time, and restructure a person's immediate surroundings. 32:52
💆‍♀️ Unload yourself with mindfulness & meditation in complete isolation: live your life according to your values. 36:22
🤔 It's tough to change your thinking in a stressful state. 38:21
👮‍♀️ People in high-stress professions should develop calming techniques using breath and brain stimulations. 40:24

👉 Connect with Svetlana: www.cardioseeds.com/podcast 
🍀 Dancing with Vegetables: www.dancingwithvegetables.com 
🌸 Natural Weight Loss and Wellness: www.wynweightloss.com 


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