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81. Why Dieting Makes Us Miserable & What You Can Do Instead Episode 81

81. Why Dieting Makes Us Miserable & What You Can Do Instead

Stop suffering and change your mindset around weight loss. The very essence of dieting is about rules and restrictions, and nobody likes to feel restricted and controlled. The black-and-white tenets of the dietary world have filled our minds with years of worries, angst, and negative beliefs about what we eat. It’s time to adopt an easier and more compassionate food paradigm and shift our food beliefs to be more conducive to happiness. Tell yourself a new story and start your easy, expansive, and gradual weight loss journey today!

· 23:29

❌ Dieting feels restrictive to us, it's against our nature. 00:36
😮‍💨 Negative judgment about bad food leads to a bad relationship with food - we start obsessing. 02:40
✅ The drama around food often comes from our beliefs: it's not serving you if it's not making you happy. 06:30
🏋️‍♀️ Exercise, sleep & meditation help the relationship with food: it may take a year or two. 08:58
🔆 Rather than feeling black & white about food, come at it with ease. 10:48
👮‍♀️ Write down the first thought you have about diet & food: believing that it's hard doesn't serve you - be your own thought police. 13:30
🥰 I can do this with ease, and nothing is stopping me. 15:39
🗻 We are killing ourselves to be happy one day, but it doesn't work: hike the mountain. 17:08
💆‍♀️ There are strategies that focus on adding rather than taking away: enjoy the process. 19:48
👍 You don't have to suffer to lose weight & you can make mistakes. 20:57
❤️ Replace constriction, restriction, deprivation, suffering, and misery with expansiveness. 21:35

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