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80. Robin Maynard Dobbs - A Feminine Approach To Weight Loss & Health Episode 80

80. Robin Maynard Dobbs - A Feminine Approach To Weight Loss & Health

It’s time to transition towards a more feminine approach to self-care. Robin Maynard Dobbs is a personal coach who guides women to self-empowerment and stepping into their natural beauty. The weight loss industry is built on very masculine ideologies based in calculating and evaluating with restrictive number-based systems. Analysis and critique based on numbers and impersonal ideals creates a cold, manipulative, and shame-based model. We need to lean towards a more feminine paradigm that approaches weight loss and health with personalized, expansive, and less urgent practices. Embrace your femininity and approach your self-care with a “calm aliveness!”

· 45:00

🙈 Counting calories, carbs & fats is shame-based.. 02:49
❗ Secrecy + Hard on yourself + Analysis + Must be something wrong with me + Emergency = SHAME 04:58
👩 Women feel guilt 80% more than men: don't fight against the system, just step out! 06:39
3️⃣ Shame, lack, and isolation are the 3 main barriers for women: diets are the antithesis of what works. 08:27
👭 There are a vast variety of beautiful female body types. 11:29
🥰 The transition from the masculine to the feminine: let's appreciate fertility. 13:11
🖼️ Your body is not the problem, it’s your disconnection from the life force: Robin's paintings celebrate women. 20:19
🥬 Plant food is a gift from the earth: listen to your body and go from restrictive to expansive. 24:46
🤸‍♀️ Looking for relief through weight loss: the system runs better when we eat the right food. 29:38
🌬️ Breathe a few deep, full breaths before you eat - the miracle of digestion. 33:28
❤️ Let's look for something we appreciate: you don't have to be a perfect relaxer but develop habits over time. 37:48
🔆 Do you want to count calories in your 70s or live in a place of discovery?: gentleness through the process of getting lighter. 39:32

👉 Connect with Robin: www.becominglighter.com
🍀 Dancing with Vegetables: dancingwithvegetables.com
🌸 Natural Weight Loss and Wellness: www.wynweightloss.com


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