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79. Kate McKay - Claim Your Best Self Episode 79

79. Kate McKay - Claim Your Best Self

Rewrite your inner dialogue and embrace self-celebration. Kate Mckay is a certified success coach and business strategist that helps her clients claim their inner badass. It’s simple advice, but being yourself really is the key to confidence. Women are conditioned to self-sabotage and fit into societal molds which distract us from embracing our most authentic selves. It’s time to break from our constraints and make a choice to live a life of excellence and courage. Let’s take action, lift each other up and celebrate ourselves!

· 36:09

🍾 Release self-sabotage & reclaim vitality - be in the process of celebration, not self-degradation. 01:36
6️⃣ Work on the 6 areas & have a badass, kickass life: Kate's meaning shifted when she lost her child. 04:38
🥰 Women have a very disrupted cultural view of men & competitive vibe between each other - let's embrace our inner hottie. 11:53
✅ Get over the shame - we have the power to choose: confidence comes from action - you are worthy. 17:29
🤗 Be perfectly honest about why you resist: have the tenacity, grit & grace to choose the light. 21:11
🏋️‍♀️ Kate had acute ADHD & lifting weights helped her - it helps with your muscles, joints, brain, skin, confidence, sleep & sex life. 26:42
👼 Kate dreamed of her son & discovered the word claim. 31:37

👉 Connect with Kate: www.kate-mckay.com/books
🌟 Natural Weight Loss and Wellness: www.wynweightloss.com
✅ Book Jill to speak: www.jillcruz.com


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