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54. This is What Really Causes Belly Fat Episode 54

54. This is What Really Causes Belly Fat

Here’s the thing no one tells you about belly fat: How many carbs you eat or how much cardio you do are much less pivotal than this factor. Today, we’re talking about one major thing that makes the weight loss journey waaaaaay harder: your stress levels. Our bodies weren’t made to handle long-term stress. It’s imperative to work with your nature to create lasting change.

· 22:47

🧠 Belly fat is not what you eat, how you exercise, or your hormones, all of those things are downstream effects of your nervous system state. 01:00
💯 Sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems affect adrenaline and creativity. 03:00
🌷 The more you can be in a state of ease and flow, the easier it's going to be to stay healthy. 05:00
🏃 Our nervous system responds well to a burst of stress: chronic stress affects decision-making and health practices. 05:44
💆 Prolonged stress can cause adrenaline resistance and other health problems: a calm brain helps cultivate good decisions and creativity. 11:57
🏋 Habits and practice can ensure good results when stressed. 14:55
💡 Awareness and acceptance are necessary for inspired action: "I have to lose weight" is adrenaline-inspired. 17:03
🌅 Taking inspired action from a place of ease and flow makes your brain work better and helps you make better decisions. 19:48

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