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52. Wonder With Me For a Moment Episode 52

52. Wonder With Me For a Moment

Can you imagine yourself saying, “I love you, fear”? Behind every negative or “unattractive” emotion, there is a sense of fear. What is at the root of this fear? It is possible fear is a reminder that we are safe? A reminder that what we “desire” is what we deserve? A reminder of what we know deep down to be true? Is fear a manifestation of our true selves actually doing us a favor? If our “essence” or “soul” is manifesting fear then we have no choice but to love it. These are all things I wonder in this episode. If we learn how to embrace and welcome fear, it will make letting go of negative thoughts and emotions so much easier.

· 15:23

🎯 There's a root cause of unhappiness with ourselves. 00:40
🌺 We are worthy and beautiful, but our culture taught us differently. 02:42
🤗 Not knowing we're safe causes fear: but maybe we actually “know” that we are safe and our souls create fear to remind us?  Can we welcome the fear? 04:38
📋 Pay attention to how much you feel fear in a day: create a little mantra for yourself. 11:10
🤔 Do your own exploration. 13:15

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