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51. Michele Yasuda - Living in Alignment Episode 51

51. Michele Yasuda - Living in Alignment

“Integrity” “Persona” “Essence”, why are these concepts meaningful and how do they relate to your happiness? Identifying and living in these parts of yourself are key to living a happy and purposeful life. “Be yourself, live authentically” - okay, but how? Michele Yasuda is a life coach and so much more who teaches people how to live in their integrity and connect with their essence.

· 48:02

❔ What integrity and essence mean to Michele: being in our wholeness. 03:16
🧒 Michele’s “Jersey Girl” persona. 04:28
🎭 Relationship between persona and the essence through example. 06:19
👼 When the rude persona comes out vs. the overly nice persona.  09:38
🌸 To live with integrity, you have to know yourself. 11:09
🤷 How do I know what is the essence, true self, and persona? 12:39
🔁 If I'm not present at the moment, I'm out of sync. 15:03
😌 Moving in my essence pace gives me a sense of ease. 18:21
🌌 “I live in a friendly universe”: welcome to the easy world!  21:49
🧠 Sitting in silence is incredible for our brains: the ability to have the power of choice. 23:13
🤝 Moving, Eating, Purpose: using body intelligence. The body tells us so much. 25:04
🌷 It's okay to be out of alignment - be kind to yourself. 28:29
💭 If we don't allow negative thoughts, they can take over: welcome your thoughts and say the truth. 30:41
📣 Feel the body’s signals - give attention to them. 32:46 
🏋️‍♀️ “I'm gonna find a partner who's gonna love my too muchness”. 34:50
☺️ If you are aligned with yourself, you can joyously lose weight. 35:49
🍔 Alignment and problems with overeating. 37:05
👫 Being in alignment is contagious - it's awesome for couples.  41:39
✨ No drug can compete with feeling in alignment. 43:53

✌️ Connect with Michele:  www.micheleanddean.com 
🌟 Natural Weight Loss and Wellness: www.wynweightloss.com
🎯 Connect with Jill: www.linkedin.com/in/jill-cruz-ms-cns-healthy-weight-loss 


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