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101. Bette Vargas - Post-Menopause With The Right Mindset, Meals & Movement Episode 101

101. Bette Vargas - Post-Menopause With The Right Mindset, Meals & Movement

· 37:13

Menopause can be challenging for many women, but there are ways to make it easier. Bette Vargas is a certified holistic health coach and the creator of Crazy, Sexy Menopause, and she helps post-menopausal women improve their well-being and live more gracefully and vibrantly. First and foremost, regular exercise and healthy eating are essential for alleviating menopausal symptoms. Your body constantly gives you feedback on what activities and foods are helpful and harmful, so listening to your body is the key to improving your experience. Keep a positive mindset, live in a state of gratitude, and accept the changes you are going through. Embrace menopause as a re-awakening and not a burden!

🌸 Menopause is a spectrum that includes many stages in a woman’s life. 02:31
πŸ’› Hormone replacement therapy mimics natural hormonal effects: no woman deserves to go through these processes alone - we should have support. 06:59
🟣 Certain cultures experience menopause differently, and some women experience symptoms even in their 70s: it can be a bumpy ride - know your body and listen to it. 12:07
❗ African American women are left out of the conversation: most medical studies only include young men. 19:14
🌷 Menopause is a natural transition - move forward with ease and grace: do some physical activity because endorphins can help with brain fog and anxiety. 24:47
🌻 Bette is a personal trainer who doesn't necessarily like to exercise: you need to be challenged to learn something new. 28:38
πŸ“ Start your day with something that feels good and be in gratitude: you can breathe, walk, play ping pong, or do anything you like. 31:23

 Connect with Bette: www.crazysexymenopause.com
"With Your Nature" Wellness & Weight Loss Blog: https://wynweightloss.com/blog


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