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102. Samrah Kazmi - Find Your True Passion And Identity In The Workplace Episode 102

102. Samrah Kazmi - Find Your True Passion And Identity In The Workplace

· 35:38

It’s time to stop putting our ambitions on the back burner and find our true passions. 

Samrah Kazmi is an entrepreneur, trend hunter, and startup advisor in the fintech industry and shares her thoughts on staying true to yourself and your passions in your professional life. It’s so easy for us to lose our true nature in the working world, and we often lose focus while climbing the corporate ladder instead of pursuing who we really want to be. 

The key to building the confidence to chase our dreams is disentangling our identities from our work accomplishments. You must change your mindset and appreciate who you are outside of your titles and professional milestones so you can learn to live with passion and enthusiasm. No corporate labels can trump your own badass identity!

Show Notes:
⬆️ Samrah’s career path: we sometimes go up the corporate ladder or a particular path at the detriment of our ambitions and aspirations. 03:27
👔 Women often lack confidence and audacity and tend to be more people-pleasing, while men are more straightforward. 07:08
🔶 Samrah lacked female mentors so now she makes sure to be one for others: sometimes you need to go through a particular process to understand what you're capable of and understand your passions. 10:06
❣️ It's an unhealthy mindset if you're not impassioned to be who you are: you don't necessarily have to be passionate every day, but you should have a general level of enthusiasm on an ongoing basis. 13:18
🟡 Be open-minded during the early part of your career so you can become your own person and disentangle your identity. 16:50
📊 Samrah went through multiple layoffs: you should constantly think ahead - be a trend hunter. 21:26
✅ Identifying future trends takes away an enormous element of uncertainty and anxiety. 25:22
🤗 Appreciate yourself: Reflecting back on our wins and accomplishments helps us to continue to be even moderately productive. 27:49
🌷 Samrah quit corporate and does things on her own because she is confident that no corporate identity could trump her identity. 30:09

👉 Connect with Samrah: https://samrahkazmi.com
🌼 "With Your Nature" Wellness & Weight Loss Blog: https://wynweightloss.com/blog


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