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100. Low Motivation is Not the Problem Episode 100

100. Low Motivation is Not the Problem

· 18:56

If you are waxing and waning with your motivation, there is a strong reason for that. While it is perfectly normal to have drops in motivation during your health journey, we need to ask ourselves why we feel this way. There is a lesson in our negative mindsets, and if we stop blaming ourselves and become curious about why we think the way we do, we can learn to shift and control our thoughts. It may not be easy, but you can break habitual negativity with even the smallest of changes. Take the time to be curious about yourself, and you can take control and grow in a positive direction!

🤷‍♀️ Losing motivation on your health journey: what is wrong with me? 00:09
🎯 Within the ebb and flow lies the solution: shift your focus and your blaming mentality. 01:15
🤓 The reasons behind losing motivation: analyze your unconscious beliefs. 03:18
⏳ Recognizing what you can and can't control: your thoughts have become habitual and it takes time to change them. 06:38
⚠️ How to change your habitual thoughts: yes, you have control - you are the boss. 09:02
😇 Negative thoughts can be short-lived or last for a long time, but there is a lesson and reminder behind each of them. 11:52
🤩 What is the truth: you deserve love and you are worthy - start with that. 15:05
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