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98. Mindie Barnett -  Balancing Burnout And Teamwork Episode 98

98. Mindie Barnett - Balancing Burnout And Teamwork

If you want to be your best self, you have to manage your work-home interferences. Mindie Barnett is an entrepreneur on a journey to pursue an encore career in psychology and shares her research on burnout syndrome with us. Burnout is now a medically recognized syndrome that can lead to fatigue and many other serious problems. To avoid becoming depleted, we must learn to separate our work and home time and change how we communicate with our coworkers during our downtime. It may seem counterproductive, but self-care that involves being less available outside of work hours can actually lead to being a better and more reliable team member at work. Remember to take time for self-care, you don't have to jeopardize your health for your career!

· 33:51

👩 Mindie is getting her master's in marriage & family counseling and is doing research on burnout syndrome: everybody needs recovery time so we don't become a depleted nation. 02:25
🤳 Make your body a leaner, meaner machine by taking time to unwind: the phone is often the main work-home interference. 10:24
🥱 Sleep compromises are not good, but we all have them sometimes. 13:52
🌸 Lead with empathy but know the difference between a mistake and a misstep: don't hover over your employees but have a check-in. 15:58
🏇 If you're pulling the reins too hard you're going to cause damage - be gentle with your employees. 19:03
🤝 Mindie shares an incident from her company and how it was resolved: we have to align with our team because our team is really us. 21:05
✔️ Poor behavior is almost always a result of being hurt or fearful: clients have to also do their part. 25:37
👩‍💼 Stand by your team: let your employees know when you make a mistake and don't try to cover it up. 26:34
📢 Get your name out there in the media. 28:39
✅ You can be successful in your career and not compromise your health. 32:03

 Connect with Mindie: www.mindiebarnett.com
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