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97. Shannon Black: Trauma Lives In The Body. Luckily, We Can Change The Template Episode 97

97. Shannon Black: Trauma Lives In The Body. Luckily, We Can Change The Template

Trauma can be a challenging obstacle to overcome, but there are ways to heal those wounds. Shannon Black is a clinical therapist and educator who shares her passion for understanding the neurology behind trauma and how to deal with it. At any point in our lives when we experience trauma, these incidents can be stored within us and can permanently affect how we feel and respond to situations going forward. We become more susceptible to having traumas stored in us when our nerves are not properly toned and we are regularly dealing with stress. Thankfully there are many means of therapy available that can help us calm and tone our nerves and even rewrite our traumatic memories and potentially overcome them entirely. Create healthy mental templates and move forward with positivity and healing because you deserve it!

· 45:30

🧠 Trauma is stored in the body: our brain is built on our experiences and relationships. 03:23
✅ When the vagus nerve is toned, we are in a safe and connected physiological state. 06:50
👪 Why creating a strong vagal tone is important: how trauma gets stored in us. 09:58
🤗 It takes a lot of energy to self-regulate but zero energy to be naturally regulated with a trusted loved one. 15:02
💞 Our nervous system is attenuated when we are playful with people we trust: all people are trying to move towards safety or connection. 19:15
🍔 Being in a state of fight or flight causes us to seek reward unconsciously - the movement toward the fridge happens below our level of thinking. 23:04
3️⃣ Three pillars of how our memory gets created: our memories are changeable - we always download the latest version. 32:15
📿 If you have a spiritual practice, there's no reason that shouldn't be part of your therapy. 37:05
🌬️ A quick way to engage the vagal brake is to exhale longer than inhale. 38:54
👉 Trauma can be anything that happens that's too much too soon, too much for too long, or too little for too long, without a safe and secure attachment. 41:12

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