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94. How To Be Fabulously Successful - And It’s Not What You Think! Episode 94

94. How To Be Fabulously Successful - And It’s Not What You Think!

The key to fabulous success has been within you all along. We’ve all been overrun with discouraging thoughts and feelings. We tend to determine our success by unrealistic expectations and standards. It’s time to ignore the negativity, stop judging ourselves, and move forward. The key to breaking free is relaxation, and just a few minutes of grounding throughout the day can make a world of difference. Calm your nervous system, relax, and source your confidence from within. You can do this!

· 08:52

✅ You want to be fabulously successful and have great relationships and you can have it!: our worth is not tied to how we look. 00:26
💯 Establish what's important to you so you can have it all: don't listen to people who didn't do it themselves - success is an internal job. 02:32
💛 Relax to tune yourself like a beautiful Orchestra: you don't need to be perfect, it is all within your reach. 04:24
🎯 Your creative genius is within you: when your nervous system is calm, everything works better. 07:09

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