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107. Good Habits for Weight Loss & Health Episode 108

107. Good Habits for Weight Loss & Health

· 40:30

We can’t rely on punishing popular health practices to offer us the gentle healing we need. 

Dr. Stephanie Zgraggen is a chiropractor and a nutritionist who focuses on the clinical nutrition side of her practice and helps women heal naturally. 

Many women suffer from a variety of health issues and can’t get the help they need from standardized healthcare practices or commercialized products. Extreme dieting, intense training, fasting, and pills can be more detrimental to the body than helpful, but self-care practices that reduce stress and increase your positive mindset can do wonders. 

If you are having trouble making progress on your self-care journey, a certified nutritionist may be able to help you discover the root cause of your problems and put you on the path to success. Getting healthy isn’t a quick-fix, so stay positive and research the kind and gentle help that you need.

🩸 Dr. Stephanie is a chiropractor that focuses on clinical nutrition and helps women with hormone balance, adrenal fatigue, digestive disorders, and others: she had her own crazy hormonal story. 02:01
🤷‍♀️ So many different parts of your body are talking to each other: when you take birth control, you tell your whole system to shut up. 07:09
💅 The body always triages: it doesn't care about your weight or what your hair and nails look like. 10:29
✅ The more cortisol you produce, the more nutrients you need to regenerate your gut: stress is not just coming at you from one place. 12:23
💊 Many products we see on the market aren't even at therapeutic doses: treat the cause, not the symptoms. 16:20
💚 When you fast too much and too long without having proper nutrients stored, you can start having negative effects: choose nourishment over punishment. 17:41
🪫 If you barely have the energy to get through the day, you don't have it for workout routines either. 20:35
🤩 Looking for progress, not perfection:  when your body works better, anything you take will be more effectively utilized. 23:30
🍵 Drug absorption can vary depending on the type of therapy: we store a lot of estrogen and toxins in our fat cells - a true metabolic detox is helpful with balancing hormones and releasing toxins. 26:12
🌸 If you're looking for a clinician, do the research and find somebody kind: hormones are important for osteoporosis and dementia. 33:35
❤️ You can have the help and support to heal from the inside out. 37:21

Connect with Dr Stephanie: https://drzgraggen.com
Detox your morning routine: https://drzgraggen.com/morning-detox-ebook
"With Your Nature" Wellness & Weight Loss Blog: https://wynweightloss.com/blog


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