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105. Liz Johnson - Getting Sick Is A Part Of Life Episode 105

105. Liz Johnson - Getting Sick Is A Part Of Life

· 38:12

Take care of yourself to ensure you have the mindset needed to serve others. 

Liz Johnson is the owner and Care Planning Consultant for Seniors at Always Best Care Bergen & Passaic. She shares critical healthcare information and resources for seniors. 

When family members become ill, guilt and heavy emotional burdens can make handling the situation problematic. 

The key is to practice self-care during these challenging times so we can show up as our best selves and take on the responsibility of being there to serve our family members in need. 

Understanding the nuances of the healthcare system and how it applies to helping our aging loved ones can be a difficult and emotional journey, so we must seek professional help and resources. 

Take care of yourself to be the hero your aging loved ones need!

🧓 Liz is a care planning consultant for seniors: we attract whatever is happening, but not everything is our fault. 02:44
🌸 Getting sick is part of life - nothing ever stays the same: take care of yourself to help others: there's nothing to feel guilty about. 06:38
❤️ In the end, you want to say to yourself: "I did everything possible to make things well for my parent": don't wait for someone to pass away to be good to one another. 13:03
🧑 Play the hero instead of the victim: we can go back to those wonderful moments that we had with our parents to give us the fortitude to deal with what is at present. 20:47
🌺 There's a difference between skilled nursing and long-term care: Lisa offers help and advice to anybody who contacts her. 25:26
💔 Even for a nurse or doctor, it can be too emotional to take care of a loved one. 28:36
🌼 Self-care is health care. 31:11
🌎 The world won't end if we go to the gym, meditate, eat, or sleep - make it a priority. 33:50

Always Best Care: https://alwaysbestcare.com
"With Your Nature" Wellness & Weight Loss Blog: https://wynweightloss.com/blog


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